Coupon Redemption Policy

By submitting Lovebird Foods, LLC coupons for reimbursement, you are representing consumers in

retail transactions presenting Lovebird Foods, LLC coupons to you and that you, the retailer, reduced

your selling price by the corresponding amounts stated on the coupons. Your acceptance and

redemption of Lovebird Foods, LLC issued coupons also signifies your compliance with the following

terms and conditions set forth below, which are incorporated into all coupons issued by (Manufacturer

Name) and its subsidiaries and affiliates (All Names).

  1. Coupons are redeemable only when consumers have presented them to the retailer in retail

transactions for the specified brands, products, flavors, sizes or quantities of Lovebird Foods, LLC

product(s) as stipulated in the coupons.

  1. Coupons cannot be accepted when consumers are purchasing Lovebird Foods, LLC product for the

purpose of resale.

  1. Consumers are required to pay any sales tax charged in connection with the purchase of

Lovebird Foods, LLC product.

  1. Coupons cannot be accepted from consumers beyond the applicable coupon expiration date.

Retailers submitting coupons more than (Based on Manufacturer’s Policy) days beyond expiration shall

render the coupons void and release Lovebird Foods, LLC from its redemption obligations.

  1. For each properly redeemed coupon, Lovebird Foods, LLC will reimburse you, the retailer, as


  1. A) Face value of each coupon (not to exceed its maximum stated value), and
  2. B) $.08 cents for handling each properly redeemed coupon, and
  3. C) Postage cost not to exceed actual and reasonable shipping expense, or U.S. Postal ground

rate for bulk shipping.

  1. Lovebird Foods, LLC reserves the right to request proof of purchase to show that sufficient stock of

Lovebird Foods, LLC product was purchased to justify the number of coupons submitted.

Lovebird Foods, LLC reserves the right to audit any coupon sorting or billing service of any retailer or

agent that processes Lovebird Foods, LLC coupons. This includes, but is not limited to, itemized

invoices, product movement reports and other supporting data to verify actual customer transactions.

  1. Lovebird Foods, LLC reserves the right to deny or refuse reimbursement and declare void any

coupons presented for redemption that either:

  1. A) Bear no evidence of consumer handling (e.g., mint condition, mass cutting, etc.)
  2. B) Are not supported by proof of purchase upon request.
  3. C) Are submitted by a retailer whose address or business operation cannot be verified.
  4. D) Are redeemed outside of the authorized distribution area for such coupon.


  1. E) Have not been redeemed in accordance with performance policy or
  2. F) Are deemed by Lovebird Foods, LLC to be counterfeit AND the retailer has received prior

notification of such determination.


  1. Lovebird Foods, LLC reserves the right to forward any questionable coupons to law enforcement

authorities for review.

  1. Lovebird Foods, LLC coupons cannot be utilized as a settlement tool for trade-related activities.

Trade-related activities are defined as coupons redeemed in lieu of damaged or expired products, price

reductions, loading or discontinued product.

  1. Coupons are redeemable only within the United States, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia,

territories and possessions of the United States and in U.S. military installations worldwide, including

A.P.O. and F.P.O.’s, or as otherwise restricted on the coupon.

  1. Coupons are void where prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted by law. The retailer agrees and

acknowledges that any claim or legal action against Lovebird Foods, LLC arising from a coupon

submission must be commenced within one (Based on Manufacturer’s Policy) year of the date that the

retailer submits the applicable coupons to Lovebird Foods, LLC. Any claims received or actions

commenced after such (Based on Manufacturer’s Policy) period shall be deemed waived.

  1. Unless authorized in writing by a Lovebird Foods, LLC representative, Lovebird Foods, LLC

coupons are rendered void if used in a swap box, taped to product, or otherwise made available to

consumers outside their intended means of distribution. Lovebird Foods, LLC coupons cannot be

transferred, assigned or sold and are void if transferred from the original owner, sold, traded, or

auctioned by their original recipients to any other person, firm or group.

  1. Retailers that fail to submit a questionnaire to Lovebird Foods, LLC authorized redemption agent

RPR Redemption Services, Inc., will be denied payment for any, and all, coupons submitted until

verification has been completed.