• organic
  • grain free
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugar
  • non-gmo
  • paleo
  • aip
  • glyphosate free



real food real good

Our mission is to clean up cereal with organic, allergen friendly ingredients from the earth and fight childhood cancer by giving 20% of profit!

Father with child

Food Made by a Father for his daughter

I was in awe of my wife's strength, the perfection of my daughter from her first cry, and the gratitude of becoming a dad. I felt a responsibility to rise above my autoimmune disease to provide love and protection. That feeling became a calling.

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Based on 2192 reviews
Great product - thank you!

It is so nice to find a cereal that is nutritious and filling! The plain version has no sugars and is made with cassava. It is a great find, especially if you need a simple option to make your belly happy!

Lovebird Unsweetened Cereal

Just purchased. I was pleasantly surprised! I really like it. It's pricey, $8.99 a box at WFM. It was recommended by Dr. Gundry. I bought the unsweetened, blue box.(Looks like Cheerios,) I added organic wild blueberries with a little A2 organic milk. I tried spaghetti made out of this product and could not eat it. This I can eat. My tongue feels a little strange, may need to get use to a new ingredient. I will continue to buy this. I'm thrilled. It's plain in taste with a chewy texture.

Tastes great!

It took a little while to get used to the taste, but we love it now.
The only problem was that the cereal tasted a little stale and was a stick together in the bag like a block. Is that normal?

The BEST Cereal Ever!

I go through a box per week. It is so good and the ingredients are top notch!

A cereal I feel good about my grandkids eating ! Thank you !

Best Cereal EVER

I only eat Lovebird cereal now! It's crunchy, tasty, and made with the highest quality ingredients. It reminds me of my childhood!

Great cereal for little ones!

I was looking for an alternative to “big brand” cereals for my daughter. I am so happy I found Lovebird—she loves it and it is free of glyphosate and other things we don’t want her ingesting. Definitely recommend!

Lovebird Cacao

Love the cacao flavor! I even ate it as a dessert!!!

So good!

I ordered one of your 4 packs back in the winter and have absolutely loved your product. It tastes great and I know it is good for my body. Thanks you for all the hard you work you put in to make such a healthy cereal.

Mix the honey, chocolate and strawberry. It’s delicious!

Clean and tasty! We have Thea on auto ship and switch it up from time to time. We like to mix the flavors, especially honey, chocolate and strawberry! Neapolitan…delicious!


We be happy and ____.

Thank you

The cinnamon is my favorite. If I had little kids I would feel them this with zero guilt.

The best and cleanest ingredient cereal. It’s a family favorite!

Lovebird Cereal Flavor Pack
Michael Kupferstein
Strawberry rocks

I was super excited to get a sampler pack since i’m a creature of habit and just keep getting the same honey flavor every time. The sampler pack gave me the opportunity to try cinnamon and a never before seen strawberry that my store doesn’t carry. wow! my favorite combo is 50/50 strawberry and honey ceres with sliced bananas on top. Winner!!!


God bless you !


I did not want to like this cereal because it was so expensive but unfortunately I loved it! It was delicious and loved all the clean ingredients.

Great Cereals

Our entire family loves Lovebird cereals. Very healthy and very tasty.

These all were very tasty. We purchased again!


We are Honored to serve Lovebird Cereals at our Cereal Bar & Ice Cream Lounge. GREAT TASTE. Great as just a Bowl or pairs will with Ice Cream. Lovebird is becoming one of our top selling cereals at our place. Thank You Lovebird.. This Cereal Bar ❤s Ya'll.

Absolutely delicious!

I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting! 😀 I love the clean ingredients and your commitment to only providing the very best. I feel good about feeding this to my family. Thank you!


Great cereal! Pricey but tastes great and wonderful ingredients.

Great company, simple clean ingredients, delicious taste!