• organic
  • grain free
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugar
  • non-gmo
  • paleo
  • aip
  • glyphosate free



real food real good

Our mission is to clean up cereal with organic, allergen friendly ingredients from the earth and fight childhood cancer by giving 20% of profit!

Father with child

Food Made by a Father for his daughter

I was in awe of my wife's strength, the perfection of my daughter from her first cry, and the gratitude of becoming a dad. I felt a responsibility to rise above my autoimmune disease to provide love and protection. That feeling became a calling.

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Based on 2162 reviews

We are Honored to serve Lovebird Cereals at our Cereal Bar & Ice Cream Lounge. GREAT TASTE. Great as just a Bowl or pairs will with Ice Cream. Lovebird is becoming one of our top selling cereals at our place. Thank You Lovebird.. This Cereal Bar ❤s Ya'll.

Absolutely delicious!

I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting! 😀 I love the clean ingredients and your commitment to only providing the very best. I feel good about feeding this to my family. Thank you!


Great cereal! Pricey but tastes great and wonderful ingredients.

Great company, simple clean ingredients, delicious taste!


Delicious 🍯


Love 🍓


Love the clean ingredients and great taste!

Delicious. Was skeptical but it's actually pretty darn tasty!

Amazing ingredients, amazing taste

The cocoa and strawberry are my favorites!

absolutely amazing. go buy rn.

flavor & texture is spot on with incredible ingredients. i’m obsessed

Our family loves it

Our family has had health problems over the years. Eating a clean diet free of the bad oils and sugar has been super helpful. This cereal is exactly what we need. Our three kids love it, and so do the parents!

Wholesome, simple ingredients for a change!

Several of my family members have Celiac Disease (some diagnosed years ago decades ago and some newly diagnosed). We've been sampling the Lovebird Cereals and, so far, are pleased with the flavors we've tried and still have a few to try. The cereal is lightly sweetened, crunchy and flavorful. I do wish the cereals contained more nutrients, but they certainly make up for it in simple, natural ingredients.

Sampler Pack

Enjoyed trying four varieties.. like them all… Cacao a favorite!

Great taste!

Delicious, healthy cereal for we celiacs! Thank you!

Obsessed with this ingredient list!

I’ve been a huge cereal fan my whole life and I love that this brand not only tastes great but all the ingredients are natural! Finally a cereal I can feel good about eating and serving to my kids.

Good cereal nice and crunchy and tasty

This was a good purchase.. nice company and very good product ..I sent also my grandchildren so they could eat better cereal…


I enjoyed trying the Flavor Back! The Strawberry was my favorite and almost reminded me of nostalgic fruit loops! I liked the crunch and that they were not too sweet! Clean ingredients! Will recommend to my patients and will order again for myself! Delicious!

Love at second bite.

The first bite of the unsweetened unflavored Lovebird "o" style cereal was kind of flat and dry. Even the dogs let the ones the baby dropped stay on the floor. THEN, the second bite, and everyone is delighted. I'm super pleased with it. Lovebird, you made a clean cereal that tastes just fine. Thank you!!! Hurray! (And the dogs tried again, and are happy to clean up after the baby.)


I've only tried the strawberry and it is very tasty. I like that your cereal has clean, healthy ingredients.


Awesome cereal. Great taste and love the ingredient list.

Cannot get enough !

SO amazing! This cereal is beyond delicious and I cannot get over how clean the ingredients are. I keep finding myself crave more

Meets my needs &yummy

I’m using the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet and I missed my old wheat, corn and oat based cereals. I enjoy eating Lovebirds with Arroy D coconut milk and frozen blueberries. It satisfies my desire for cereal. I got cinnamon at first and it’s great but the Unsweetened version is perfect. I even crush it to use as a crispy coating on fried tilapia.

So good!

Great ingredients, great flavor & taste, a crowd please for the whole family!

Tasty and Making a Difference

Truly love the taste of every flavor and it’s great to know I am eating clean, whole ingredients and most importantly, supporting their mission of fighting childhood cancer. Quality brand all around!