• organic
  • grain free
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugar
  • non-gmo
  • paleo
  • aip
  • glyphosate free



real food real good

Our mission is to clean up cereal with organic, allergen friendly ingredients from the earth and fight childhood cancer by giving 20% of profit!

Father with child

Food Made by a Father for his daughter

I was in awe of my wife's strength, the perfection of my daughter from her first cry, and the gratitude of becoming a dad. I felt a responsibility to rise above my autoimmune disease to provide love and protection. That feeling became a calling.

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Based on 2127 reviews

Great for my grandchildren who have digestive issues, Thank you for making a substitute for Cheerios that my kid grew up on, which is now full of bad stuff!

Sooooo good!

I don’t think I will ever buy another cereal after trying this! My kids absolutely love it and I love that it’s probably the cleanest ingredient brand you can find. There is a bit of an aftertaste, maybe the cassava?, but either way it’s delicious. Highly recommend!

Absolutely LOVE!

I LOVE cassava flour and use it all the time. No love that I don’t have to make my cereal or “granola” or “breadcrumbs” on my own anymore. I LOVE the plain version and use it everyday! Thank you for making this because not many people even know what Cassava flour is!

The best cereal

I love this amazing cereal! I have bean so impressed with the customer service to go above and beyond to make their customers happy 💕

Lovebird Cereal Cinnamon (4 Boxes)
Anne Ellison-Snelling
Cinnamon cereal

It’s so good! I have major digestive issues and this came as a welcome to me. I love cereal but so much of it out there is unhealthy. Thank you, thank you for thinking outside the box! I so appreciate your talents!
Anne Ellison-Snelling

Oh Yum!

Found the Strawberry at Whole Foods yesterday. Used toasted coconut almond milk. Oh. My. Stars!!!! Yummmmm. I love it. I love the hint of lemon. A+++

Please do an Apple flavor & a Blueberry flavor.

Love Lovebird 💕

I absolutely LOVE this cereal and am so grateful to have discovered it amongst the nearly endless ‘unhealthy’ brands out there. Lovebird uses only the finest ingredients and none of the toxic chemicals that are found in much of today’s food supply. Thank goodness for this small business that truly cares about the health of its customers and generously donates money to help heal the children of our world.
With love and gratitude,
Amy 🩷

Delicious and so clean!

I love that I can "indulge" in LoveBird cereal and know that the ingredients I'm putting in my body are top notch! Flavor is amazing, crunch is amazing, I love it as a snack with yogurt, or with some raw milk! Y'all have created a game changing product!

Lovebird Cereal Flavor Pack
Dominic Dealmeida

Lovebird Cereal Flavor Pack


My 1 year old and I love strawberry and how it turns the milk pink!
It is a little lemony, but that’s not a bad thing! Super yum:)

Cleanest cereal ever

This is the only cereal I feel comfortable having in my home, we all love it! Clean ingredients without sacrificing on taste.

Support Businesses like LoveBird

Some of the best truly clean cereal I’ve been able to find - taste and texture was perfect. Love this brand and their mission - we need more brands like lovebird!

Lovebird Cereal Satisfies My Cravings for Cereal Without the Guilt!

I absolutely love Lovebird cereal! I am a person who cares about healthy eating, so I love that these cereals are made with organic, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free ingredients. They also fit with my low-carb diet, which is a bonus. They’re not only healthy but also delicious, and they remind me of my childhood. My husband and I had cereal after so many years of avoiding it, because most of the products on the market are loaded with unhealthy stuff. But Lovebird cereal is different. It’s wholesome, satisfying, and tasty. We enjoy it often with some fresh fruits and nut milk, and sometimes I make healthy treats with it, like cereal bars.
Thank you, Parker, for creating such a wonderful product!

Lovebird is just the most amazing high quality organic cereal around!

Great clean snack

Love that you only use minimal and clean ingredients. The cereal tastes great! On an honest note, not sure I'd buy it again because of the price point. I had a discount code that made it a little less painful.


It's great, I eat it nearly every morning.

Variety pack

So glad I tried this cereal. Have decided to change from another cereal that was good but this is the healthier option. Thank you!

Lovebird Cereal Flavor Pack

My New Favorite!!!

I am always looking for a cereal with good ingredients, Vegan, GF, no sugar and great taste… so hared to find so I was THRILLED to find the Lovebird cereals. I love eating mixed with my chia pudding in the morning and put some in a small bowl when needing a snack. My daughter and I even made the recipe they shared for Paleo Puppy Chow. So yummy.

Thanks for creating a cereal that is delicious AND I feel great buying for my family.

flavor pack

both my wife and i love the cereal will be purchasing again highly recommend one of the cleanest products on the market

Very nice to have more options. Crunchy and tasty.
I recommend these cereals.

My favorite crunchy snack

I love the cinnamon with milk-but I love the unsweetened as a snack or crush it for a crunchy topping-but my favorite is without milk as a crunchy snack-anytime!

Love the cereal and love the customer service from Lovebird. Excellent company !

Amazing customer care

I am just continually over impressed by the customer care and service of this company. So many examples to provide but most recently I received a batch that didn't seem right in terms of flavoring. It was good just not the usual greatness. They sent me a bunch of replacements AND refunded me. They beyond made it right and actually wasn't planning to get more but now I am back as a loyal customer. I love the strawberry best but also really love the cinamin. You will not be disappointed with lovebirds cereal and their care!

My love affair

I am so grateful for lovebird cereal. I love how few ingredients there are and how healthy it is. Just enough sweetness and lots of crunch! Oh and I feel full for hours, sometime it lasts til 2p!! I'm addicted!!! Thank you from the bottom of my healthy gut!!!